Monthly winners

Each month we thank those who have voted the most and contributed towards promoting the LihP Network. 
​The top voters win prizes and this months top 3 get a $25 coupon to spend at our donation store.
Thank you for voting, please open a support ticket if your name is listed below in the top 3 of last month.

May 2020 top voters



118 votes



87 votes



79 votes



41 votes

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Pos Player Votes
#5HKB3 HKB321
#6Lithmerus Lithmerus20
#7DoctorWhooves527 DoctorWhooves52719
#8SqdNia SqdNia18
#9Eroil Eroil17
#10patrick_star_irl patrick_star_irl17
#11thadskie thadskie16
#12stienman stienman15
#1330Spence 30Spence14
#14AndreaBForce AndreaBForce12
#15Captain_Haz Captain_Haz12
#16Vampsy Vampsy11
#17Lil_Don Lil_Don11
#18LucaskyyYT LucaskyyYT11
#19TheFastFlight TheFastFlight11
#20Timster7 Timster711
#21VI7_ii7b9_V7b9_I VI7_ii7b9_V7b9_I10
#22Mythcrafter Mythcrafter10
#23EATnU EATnU10
#24envycreation envycreation9
#25Tyrantrumred5 Tyrantrumred58
#26booozery booozery8
#27discochris discochris8
#28ArkusP ArkusP8
#29hockeylife1820 hockeylife18207
#30misquo misquo5
#31BlackD1amond BlackD1amond5
#32G4laxyZ G4laxyZ5
#33LihP_ LihP_4
#34star5426 star54264
#35angory angory4
#36envycreat1on envycreat1on3
#37DiscordIsBetter DiscordIsBetter3
#38ThimoPlays ThimoPlays3
#39ZackElitePVP ZackElitePVP3
#40D_omio D_omio3
#41Shadow1032 Shadow10322
#42Ice_Phoenix95 Ice_Phoenix952
#43ClaySpencer1313 ClaySpencer13132
#45allisonlee123 allisonlee1232
#46Zephyr_Frost Zephyr_Frost2
#47Slanaesh Slanaesh2
#48abc6d19 abc6d192
#49Zentec Zentec2
#50tygo64 tygo641
#51RooBSoN RooBSoN1
#52s s1
#53Sparklefly5 Sparklefly51
#54bearboob bearboob1
#55Anonymous Anonymous1
#56IElkins308 IElkins3081
#57SlukMekPrask SlukMekPrask1
#58King_Grubb King_Grubb1
#59Trooper641234 Trooper6412341
#60Sjxn Sjxn1

Total votes from everyone in May 2020: 722

Back after 3 years! Thank you all for voting, please continue to vote so new players find the server!

DvZ Stats

We have reset the DvZ stats.

The reasons for this include:

  • The structure, we used to only capture overall stats, so we can't break it down to per month for example.
  • Many of the top stats where from when the game was very different and it might not be possible to beat them today.

The new database structure is now in place so we can now stats to capture more stats and display them in more detail.
I am aiming to create an incentive to play, with competitions.

Check out your stats!


Server Revival

We are back!

Really sorry to those who didn't get a response when contacting us.
I don't really have a good reason for letting the server die.
Life just took over, I got a new job, met a girl and bought a house.
Even before life got busy, I wasn't playing Minecraft much and bugs started to build up.

I really tried to keep up with Minecraft releases, but the games suffered.
DvZ is now running on Minecraft 1.8 and much less buggy than it was.

Minecraft news

Username changes

Mojang announced name changes would go live on the 4th of February.

What will I lose if I change username?

  1. Current votes for the month
  2. DvZ Stats (Fixed) Please open a support ticket and include your original and current username if you lost yours before the fix.

Please note that changing the case of your username, for example keep the same name but add or remove capital letters is ok.

When will this be fixed?

We are working on the system, some aspects might not be possible to fix but we hopefully have everything back to normal soon.
Thanks for your patients.

Username history

Help moderate

Do you have what it takes to be staff?

To keep the network clean from hackers, we are calling out to the community for help.
If we work as a team the network will remain a fun place to play.


  1. Mature and able to make justified and well reasons decisions under pressure.
  2. The ability to screen capture at high quality for evidence.
  3. A well managed email address that we can send report alerts to.

If you believe you can help please start recording and reporting.
Each Successful report earns you VIP tokens and regular reporters will be given moderator rank.

Minecraft EULA

We have all heard about the changes Mojang have stated they will make to their EULA

The LihP Network has always been conscious of not creating a pay-to-win environment.
Our games and ranks have been developed with fun and fairness in mind.

Server locations

For along time the USA server has been hosted in Chicago.

Due to recent internet connection dropouts we have decided to relocate.

After some research the new the server location will be NYC.

This change will happen within the next week, it shouldn't cause any inconvenience and the IP address will remain the same.

For those who are interested, our European servers are located in Hampshire the south of the UK.