The creative server is a place to have fun, build and roll play.
Everyone can claim a plot and grant access for friends to build on their plot.

Plot manangement commands

  • /plotme -  Opens a menu to manage your plot and teleport around.
  • /plot info - This command will help you manage your plot and tell you about other peoples plots.
  • /plot auto - This command will search for an unclaimed plot and make it yours!
  • /plot claim - If you find an empty plot use /plot info to see if it has been claimed and if not you can use this command to claim the plot. Please note that /plot auto will find you an empty plot and claim it for you.
  • /plot add <player name> - Allow a player to build on your plot, you can view who can build by using command /plot info Please only add people you 100% trust and remove them all before you leave the game.
  • /plot remove <player name> - Remove a previously added player from building on your plot, you can view who can build with command /plot info Please use this command on all people that you add before login out.
  • /plot deny <player name> - If someone is being annoying and getting in the way of your build, please use this command to prevent them from entering your plot. you can view who is denied from entering your plot with command /plot info
  • /plot undeny <player name> - If by mistake you deny the wrong player this command will allow them to once again enter you plot. you can view who is denied from entering your plot with command /plot info
  • /plot clear - WARNING this command will clear your plot. Only use it if you wish to start over.

Fun and teleport commands

  • /disguise - You can have fun with our disguise menu. Please vote to earn reward tokens!
  • /reward - Spend your reward tokens on the disguise menu, and vote to earn more tokens!
  • /plot home <player name> - If you own a plot, you will be teleported to your plot, or enter a players name and you will teleport to their plot.
  • /spawn - If you want to return to the main spawn area use this command.
  • /tpa <player name> - Teleport to another player.
  • /top - Teleport to the highest block above you.
  • /ascend - Teleport up one level.
  • /descend - Teleport down one level.
  • /thru - Teleport through a wall you are looking at.
  • /unstuck - Help command if you are stuck
  • /ptime night - Set your time to night.
  • /ptime day - Set your time to day.
  • /speed 1-3 - Change your fly speed.