Help moderate

Do you have what it takes to be staff?

To keep the network clean from hackers, we are calling out to the community for help.
If we work as a team the network will remain a fun place to play.


  1. Mature and able to make justified and well reasons decisions under pressure.
  2. The ability to screen capture at high quality for evidence.
  3. A well managed email address that we can send report alerts to.

If you believe you can help please start recording and reporting.
Each Successful report earns you VIP tokens and regular reporters will be given moderator rank.


How to submit evidence

  1. Download this free and open source recording software. (Set the "Max Bitrate (kb/s)" to 4000)
  2. If your not able to upload video to a media site like Youtube then download Dropbox or Google drive
  3. ‚ÄčIf you can upload to Youtube please list the video as unlisted.
  4. Submit a report and include a link to your unlisted YouTube video or the link to your dropbox/google drive video file.

A member of staff will review your report and depending on the report queue size and the number of staff online it can take up to 24 hours.