Promote the server

Five ways you can help the community.

  1. /Invite your friends to the LihP Network. (Instant 10 /reward tokens per friend)
  2. Help our rank, /vote for us. (Instant up to 2 /reward token per vote)
  3. Comment on our external /forums (3 /reward tokens per day)
  4. Make YouTube content on our servers. (up to 10 /reward tokens per video)
  5. Stream on our servers, ensure you save the recording. (up to 10 /reward tokens per recording)

Earn /reward tokens for helping us grow, get Instant tokens when you /vote or /invite friends and all other tokens are given when an admin reviews your comments/content. Please leave your IGN and contact us with a link to your comment or content so we can issue your /reward tokens.