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Some overall guidelines for DvZ maps
  1. Always start with bedrock to prevent hiding and the path getting destroyed. This is really important, please decorate over the bedrock floors and walls and prevent creating areas where players can hide!
  2. Avoid designs that cause congestion and always create multiple paths/entrances.
  3. Avoid using title blocks like snow and use full snow blocks instead.
  4. Avoid connecting with the walls in our starting template so the build remains floating.
  5. Please ensure you provide an indestructible path like bedrock/obsidian stairs that are obstructed.
  6. No chests, furnaces or shared inventory blocks can be used, this includes item frames.
  7. No liquids can be used, unless it can be fully contained.
  8. Make a draft version, send us a layout version so you don't waste time.
  9. Alterations will need to be made, we will give feedback on each version you submit.
​DVZ Final two Shrines area (Not suitable for our creative world plots)

The best designs give the Monsters an advantage by default. This means the Dwarves must alter the map to give themselves an advantage. We have plenty of floating island style end areas and our new focus are enclosed areas, for example castles or caves/mines.

  1. You have 120 blocks width/height and 360 blocks in length to play with.
  2. Design a way to slow monsters down at the start while the Dwarves build new defenses. It's important to build a path that is indestructible, so if for example if you make a wall for the mobs to climb with ladders, also have a blocked staircase that they can clear.
  3. The slow down points are designed to slow the monsters once, and when they have overcome this the next time they re-spawn the path is clear.
  4. Give a good distance between each shrine and plenty of slow down points for monsters to overcome and dwarves to repair.
  5. If you build a indoor map like a castle, please avoid giving only one path to the shrines.


MVD Map (Suitable for our creative world plots)
  1. Keep the map small, the original map size is 60 blocks width and length and 25 blocks tall.
  2. Don't worry about the lobby location, we will place that in the sky somewhere.
  3. Spawn locations need to be decided if you want to mark them, or we can add them.
  4. Areas of advantage need some element of risk, for example an area with more than 3 walls of protection needs several entrances so the monster cannot camp too easy.
  5. Keep the layout simple and open plan and try to make areas unique so players can describe places of the map.
  6. Avoid creating places where players can hide or climb to where the other team cannot reach.
  7. Ensure the players do not die from the environment or void except falling.
  8. The map needs to be enclosed, but once 1.8 comes out we can replace ugly walls with transparent blocks.


Free-For-All Arena PRIORITY (Not suitable for our creative world plots)
  1. Simple open plan layout that players will find it hard to hide or camp in and help them can find each other when few are online.
  2. As the players are not able to build or destroy, less care can be made with regards to bedrock.
  3. Try to keep it a medium size, often we will be kicking players to this arena after a DvZ game so the arena needs to scale well for 5-50 players.
  4. Avoid using to many transparent blocks, like stairs, leaves, webs etc as this can cause client lag for some players.


Hub/Lobby for MvM, MvD and Orc Attack PRIORITY  (Suitable for our creative world plots)
  1. The theme is up to you, but it would be nice if it related to the game or menu icon.
  2. Avoid making it a fun place, we want the player to join the game not play in the lobby.
  3. Keep it small, it will be easier to build and less likely the player will spend time exploring.
  4. The design doesn't have to be symmetrical and can include game tips or informaiton.


Worldedit Tips
  1. Build a skeleton structure using bedrock //cyl 7 7 and //sphere 7 4. To cover the terrain floor select an area and then //overlay with a decorative layer of blocks.
  2. To decorate walls try using the /brush command with a /mask. Example: /brush cyl 1 1 and /mask 7 will replace the outside of your bedrock with stone. WorldEdit Referance

The Dwaven Teleport tool will work on the following blocks: 1,2,3,4,5,12,13,20,22,24,30,31,40,43,44,45,48,49,50,70,85,91,92,97,98,101,106,109,112,116,120


Video suggestions

Etho gives some good tips to layout, the best part of a map is LAYOUT, not detail and looks.



Get a DvZ starting template


Submit your build

Upload your map or schematic to mediafire or google drive or dropbox or planetminecraft and contact me with a link.