About Dwarves VS Zombies

Community Contributions

Our version of the Game has evolved many times with ideas and designs from the Community.

Here is a small list of Minecraft usernames and a summary of their contributions.

  • bburgdan1​ - Built many Shrine areas and suggested many of the rare items.
  • Whoelie329 - A member of the administration team, also built a spawn and Monster spawn we used for along time and donated to help cover costs for a private plugin developer.
  • captain_resko69 - Worked with yd9506 and bburgdan1 on Shrine projects and beta tests new features.
  • TheYellingMute - A member of the administration team and a large contributor of ideas and game development.
  • iSullzZ​ - A member of the administration team and a large contributor of ideas and game development.​
  • JoelMinister - Built multiple Shrine areas and the current spawn. Joel also helps with art work and testing.
  • 7ofdays - Contributor of ideas and game development, testing and building.
  • yd9506 - Worked with bburgdan1 and others on Shrine designs and testing.
  • koolrandom360 - Built final shrine area number 2.
  • jeussa - Built final Shrine area number 4, 6 and 17.
  • mocca2011 - Built final Shrine area number 5.
  • RobbieXD - Built final Shrine area number 7 and 10
  • Baddeee - Built final Shrine area number 8.
  • cyrille27 and zebigboss_72 - Built final shrine area number 9.
  • carlfiii Built final Shrine area number 11 and 16.
  • 11thatguy11, Garfield0003 and MoozeCountry - Built final Shrine area number 12.​
  • MoozeCountry, 11thatguy11, Lonesface - Built final Shrine area number 13.
  • noahandreas2001FunnyBunny14 - Built final Shrine area number 14.
  • sketchup261cyrille27 and zebigboss_72 - Built final Shrine area 15, 22, 24 and 28.
  • carlfiiicharlotteadelle and Xx_JaguarMan_xX - Built final Shrine area number 18.
  • 11thatguy11, MoozeCountry, Garfield0003, Lonesface and Alem_Zupa - Built final Shrine area 19.
  • 11thatguy11, MoozeCountry, Garfield0003 and He_is_man - Built final Shrine area 20.
  • carlfiii and sophierose11 Built final Shrine area number 21.
  • oolliiee123 and SolarSoulHD - Built final Shrine area number 23.
  • Kulman5577Neptune7SolarSoulHD and jared00013Built final Shrine area number 25.

This list is incomplete and is missing the hundreds of People who have given feedback or made suggestion and not forgetting the YouTubers and streamers who have shared our Network with others.

A special thank you goes to the Poeple who have been kind enough to donate Money to the Network, this has given us the chance to rent more expensive and powerful equipment leading to a stable and fun environment to play in.



The Game mode Dwarves VS Zombies was created by Robert Moran, please visit his Twitch and YouTube channel.

One of the main plugins used to create the Game mode is called MagicSpells made by Nisovin