Survival FAQ


How do I join the game?

You will start at the spawn area and you can return to this area anytime using the command /spawn.
To start exploring the survival map you can either right click the random spawn signs, jump into a portal or type /home

What is the game objective?

Minecraft survival doesn't really have an end goal so we have tried to create reasons to enjoy exploring.
PVP is enabled in the main world, there is no land protection and raiding is allowed!
Many of the fun items and abilities from other games like DvZ can be craft, found or bought.
Random loot location will be announced and fighting bosses and other mobs will earn rewards.
You can also upgrade you items by following the steps provided in the lore of the items.

How do I get items and Armour?

Default items and armor is supplied, you can also craft, find, buy and upgrade items.


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